BoKS | October 13: biannual General Assembly
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October 13: biannual General Assembly

October 13: biannual General Assembly

On October 13th BoKS the online GA was organized. Once again due to national restrictions it wasn’t possible to meet in Utrecht together. At the opening we kept a moment of silence in memory of Sander Funcke, secretary of the Vletweide residential board in Bunnik.

The online meeting was well attended. Eighteen residential boards were represented.

In addition to the usual topics of the management updates, the Utrecht Performance Agreements and the Utrecht tenants’ association were discussed briefly. During the GA there was a vote on the reconfirmation of the amendment to the articles of association of the GA of June 30th. After the notary  (also digitally present) briefly explained the amendment and finally confirmed the change.

The GA discharged Richard (former commissioner Rotterdam) and Sophie (former treasurer). The board thanks and appreciates their creditable efforts last two years. Meriam was appointed as treasurer of BoKS.