BoKS | Objectives
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BoKS has the following objectives:

  1. BoKS wants to be a tenant organisation with good communication with their members, the local tenants’ committees. In order to accomplish this we have contact with each tenants’ committee at least 4 times a year. We encourage our members to be involved in SSH-policy regarding their residential complex.
  2. BoKS tries to influence the policy of SSH and its subsidiary Jebber into the interest of the tenants. We are an important discussion partner in shaping SSH’s business plan. We, other tenants’ organisations, the municipalities and housing associations draw up performance agreements.
  3. BoKS is known to residents of SSH and Jebber and is easy to find for future tenants. This is done by publishing a newsletter at least three times a year. In addition, BoKS keeps its website up to date and communicates through social media.
  4. BoKS strives for representative representation in all cities where SSH and Jebber have tenants. To that end BoKS searches volunteers actively and facilitates the formation of new tentants’ committees.
  5. BoKS is committed to the interests of the tenants at a national level. In order to serve those interests BoKS seeks collaboration with other tenant organizations in different cities, in particular in Rotterdam and Utrecht several times a year. BoKS is also looking for cooperation with student tenant organizations. The realization of more rooms through the introduction of rent benefit is a focus of attention.
  6. BoKS aims for both sustainable housing as a sustainable lifestyle for tenants. Especially the generation of the future should take the lead regarding this subject. We are committed to making both current and future residential complexes climate neutral. In addition, we challenge the SSH and its tenants to look for the most sustainable lifestyle together through Energy races, challenges and other campaigns.