BoKS | The board
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The board

The board of BoKS ideally consists of seven members. Members of our board are required by Dutch law to be tenants of either SSH or Jebber. All board members are volunteers and are receive a volunteer reimbursement for their activities.


Board members of BoKS follow workshops and training to improve on their general skills and knowledge of Dutch social housing. Board members are appointed by the General Assembly (which consists of the local tenants’ committees) for a period of two years. To retain knowledge within our organisation, board members are replaced annually. The overlap in terms ensures continuity of leadership.


The present members of our board are:


President: Daan Roovers (


Secretary: Nienke Brinkman (

BoKS secretaris

Treasurer: Meriam de Lange (

BoKS Meriam

Commissioner for Sustainability: Jorrit van Wees (

Commissioner for Advocacy: Fanta Touri (

BoKS belangenbehartiger

Commissioner for PR and Communication: Suzanne Krolis (

General Commissioner: Lily de Waal (

BoKS Rotterdam: functie is vacant; zie hier voor de vacature

De portefeuille verdeling van het bestuur is op de pagina verenigingsstukken weergegeven.



Left to right: Jorrit, Lily, Meriam, Suzanne, Nienke, Daan