BoKS | Information for tenants
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Information for tenants

BoKS is the tenant organization that carries out the interests of all tenants of the housing company SSH and its subsidiary Jebber, in both Utrecht and other cities. Below, we would like to introduce ourselves, and explain what we do for you.


What does BoKS do for tenants?

We represent all SSH tenants towards the SSH and deal with issues that go beyond one housing complex. For example, you should consider the rent prices, rent increase, lease contracts, new buildings, and making contact with the municipality. We are the consultant for, among others, the SSH and Jebber on your behalf as tenant. BoKS strives for affordable, available and proper housing for students and starters.


Each housing complex has its own committee, usually three to five tenants, have united in a committee to serve the interests of that particular complex. This includes thinking about matters such as maintenance of the complex, safety, lighting, layout of common spaces and the organization of common activities. They also stay in touch with the SSH and the tenants of their own building.

BoKS represents all of these committees, and have meetings with them to keep each other up to date. We answer their questions, and if there’s a problem we try to find a fair solution for all those involved.

Most complexes have a committee like this. To find out if there is a committee on a particular complex, select a city in the Cities menu on our site for more information.


What can I do with my question / remark / complaint?

That depends on what it’s about. Is it something individual, for example, a complaint about how SSH / Jebber deals with a repair at your home, then you can report your complaint yourself to the SSH / Jebber.

If it’s something that concerns the complex which you live in, such as the safety or cleaning of the public spaces, you can go to your own complex committee. They may contact us or the SSH / Jebber if needed. All committees are members of BoKS and they can usually help you.

Did not receive a reaction from your complex committee or are you otherwise unhappy? Then you can contact us. We will let you know if we can do something about it or who can help you.


What if there is no complex committee at all?

If there is no committee for your complex or it’s totally inactive you can contact BoKS. We will then try to get one started, or better still, you can change the situation yourself and start a committee!

First, ask SSH/Jebber if they may know more about whether there is a committee active on your complex. If so, they can tell you where to go if you want to help. If not, then it would be great to set up a new committee together with a few other residents. There is a budget for each complex, and you get an official voice towards the SSH/Jebber.

Want to know more about setting up a committee? Contact us, we would like to offer some guidance.