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BoKS | SSH and Jebber
BoKS | SSH and Jebber
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SSH and Jebber

On this page, you can find an overview of all the “Requests for Advice” that we have gotten from the SSH and Jebber. Because BoKS, as the tenant organization, represents the interests of all tenants of the SSH and Jebber, we receive from them a so-called “Request for Advice” when there is a change in policy with either the SSH or Jebber (and always with the rental policy that is renewed yearly). In this request, they explain to us what the plans or changes and the motivations behind them are. Then, with the help of all local tenants’ committees, BoKS composes an advice. This advice can be positive or negative, or it can be the case that we advise to change specific parts of the plan. Finally, we receive a reaction on that advice from the SSH. From the end of 2019 onwards, you can find all requests for advice, advices, and reactions from the SSH on this webpage. They are only available in Dutch. For more information, you can always contact us on

This page also contains the “Cooperation Agreement” between BoKS and the SSH. This document contains the various agreements concerning BoKS’s role as tenant organization as well as the agreements surrounding the functioning of the various tenants’ committees of SSH and Jebber. These documents are only available in Dutch.

Adviesaanvragen 2021

2021-10-24 Adviesaanvraag Duurzaamheidsbeleid SSH

2021-04-14 Woongroepen Bo-Ex eenheden

2021-03-05 Afschaffing IP-TV


Adviesaanvragen 2020

2020-10-22 Uitruil zelfstandige ‘woningnet’-woningen

03-03-2020: Huurbeleid 2020-2021

Adviesaanvragen 2019

27-02-2019: Huurbeleid 2019-2020

16-05-2019: Huisvesten jongeren uit MZ

19-06-2019: Jongerencontracten en Campusclausule Warande, Leidsche Veem

23-10-2019: Goedkope energie voor zelfstandige aansluitingen

01-11-2019: Aangepast huurreglement

01-11-2019: Contract- en inschrijfkosten

16-12-2019: Ondernemingsplan

Adviesaanvragen 2018

27-03-2018: Huurbeleid 2018

17-09-2018: Handhaving campuscontracten Stadspanden

12-12-2018: ROOM-platform

Adviesaanvragen 2017

25-01-2017: Huurbeleid 2017

17-05-2017: Verkoop Van de Weteringstraat

Adviesaanvragen 2016

24-03-2016: Huurverhoging 2016

23-09-2016: DAEB vs. niet-DAEB

Adviesaanvragen 2015

20-03-2015: Huurverhoging 2015


Voor het jaarverslag, ondernemingsplan, strategisch voorraadbeleid en andere stukken van de SSH, klik hier.