BoKS | Map property SSH
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Map property SSH

On this map you can find all residences and rooms that SSH and Jebber have on offer. With the button in the left upper corner you can turn different layers of the map on and off. You could for example look only at the houses in the city centers of Utrecht, Amersfoort and Zwolle (“Stadspanden”), look only at the Jebber residences or, of course, look at a combination of different kinds of residences or complexes. One important reason for BoKS to create this map was to get an overview of all the tenants of the SSH and Jebber that do not yet have a tenants’ committee. All tenants are of course represented by BoKS, but a tenants’ committee discusses different things with the SSH or Jebber and BoKS thinks that it is important for all tenants to have this level of representation as well. Fortunately, most of you are already represented by a committee, but not yet all of you! You can turn on the layer “Geen woonbestuur” (“No tenants’ committee”) and if a question mark appears over your residence, room or complex, then it means there is no committee active where you live. Is this the case and are you interested in setting up a tenants’ committee? You can always send an email to for more information on this process!