BoKS | Committee Evening 10 March 2020
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Committee Evening 10 March 2020

Committee Evening 10 March 2020

On March 10, 2020, BoKS organized an informative evening for all tenant committees with the theme “The rights and obligations of tenants, tenant committees and the housing association.” We invited Marloes from the consultancy firm StadeAdvies to give a presentation on this subject. Marloes organized a crash course on various topics such as the “Overlegwet” (the law in which the rights and obligations of all parties are listed) and the Rental Law (“Huurwet”). 

The following questions were discussed in the presentation:

What kind of information is the housing association (SSH or Jebber) obligated to share with the tenant committees and the tenants? Concerning which kinds of topics does the housing association need to consult the tenant committees?

What kinds of obligations does the housing association have towards the tenants? For example, concerning repairs, small and large maintenance, but also the guaranteeing of the safety of the tenants. What can you do as tenant committee when you notice the housing association does not adhere to these obligations? 

What kinds of obligations do the tenants have towards the SSH or Jebber? Do tenants have to allow mechanics or other servicepersons to enter their house? What can a housing association do when you refuse this access?

The members of various tenant committees from in- and outside of Utrecht were present on this informative evening. The evening was generally regarded a success by the BoKS board as well as by the attending committee board members. The tenant committees indicated that the information they received would be very useful and the BoKS board learned a lot themselves as well.