BoKS | 24th October 2021: Adviesaanvraag Sustainability policy
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24th October 2021: Adviesaanvraag Sustainability policy

24th October 2021: Adviesaanvraag Sustainability policy

The SSH wants to focus on limiting energy demand, purchasing sustainable energy and limiting the burden on the environment. They do this on the basis of 4 focus areas. Sustainable new construction, sustainable portfolio, sustainable living and sustainable working.

BoKS gives a predominantly positive advice with regard to the choices with regard to investment in new construction in the short term and sustainability in the case of planned maintenance in the long term. We are, however, critical of the lack of pre-formulated parameters and tipping points, after which the SSH shifts its focus from new construction to investing in the existing buildings.

Other concerns were that the housing costs for tenants should remain the same and that the SSH should focus on behavioral change instead of sustainable ‘awareness’. The SSH initially indicated that they would comply with this insofar as it’s in their domain. And they also incorporate the latter in their sustainability policy.

For the full advice & response from the SSH